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3D Printing Course Training For You 

 Its a 5days Long Full Details Online workshop that helps You as a Beginner to start your own 3D Printing Journey with full knowledge.

You get full details on Machines, Technical knowledge, Repairing & Raw Materials everything. You can also get Lifetime Support From Us. 

We provide 3D Printing Full Detail Course. Its a one to one Direct Course where we teach you directly and you can solve your query directly over call. This will be Online Course 5 days, where we teach you from the basic of 3D printing to Machinary details Business Ideas. We will solve all 3D print related problems, query, repairing skills in this course. If you are beginner also and have no idea about this and want to start, you can join. If you have knowledge about this and want to grow and want to upgrade yourself than you can join us.

Lets see the key features of this course -

  • Direct one to one Learning

  • 5days Details Course

  • All machinary Deatils & Manufacturers

  • Online Video course

  • You can access from anywhere in India

Special Features of this Course -

  • 3D Priniting Basic Knowledge

  • 3D Printer Machines

  • 3D Printing Raw Materials

  • 3D Design

  • 3D Print Software

  • 3D Print Machine ToubleShoot

  • Understanding of Different 3D Parameters

  • Business Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is this class happen?
We will send each video link on each day in WhatsAPP. You need to complete the video and ask me question over call if you have any query. Every day we will do discuss on each class Topic. This Videos are private property and only one can see who enroll this course no other. We make sure your privacy here.

​2. What is Course Duration?
Its a 5days Course, with total 5 Video Class and 5 Doubt Clear Class. Course will be conducted over online in WhatsAPP. Each video class length 10 to 15 Minutes overall.

3. When Course Start?
Once you complete the payment you got a confirmation mail. The day after we will contact you over whatsApp for your pefer timing. Its not a live class, all videos are preloaded.

4. Will i get any Discount?
This course cost 299 INR, We have made the price very less already.

5. Which Type of 3D Prinitng You teach us?
we do provide knowledge of every 3D printings. But our main aim is FDM process PLA/TPU/ABS materials. Our main machine for learning will be Ender 3. As its comes most cheap price and best for beginners.

6. Will you teach us designing?

No, Design will not cover in this course. But we help you about open source design platform.

7. Can i access this videos after the course end?
Yes you can access this Course up to 14 Days from the date of Joining.

Still Have any Query ?

Contact Us  -

+91 9163503811
Contact Time - 11am to 7pm

Monday to Saturday

Email -

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