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Introducing a quadruped Spider robot built with Arduino Nano and SG90 servos. The robot can be controlled with a Bluetooth remote or with an android phone. The robot is fully 3D Printed with PLA. The robot runs on a Lipo battery and has 3 Degrees of Freedom. 

The color of the Spider would depend upon the availability. If any specific color, please add that request to the order notes.

Components Induced: 

3D Printed Parts:

  • 1 - Lower Body
  • 1 - Upper Body
  • 2 - Left Coxa
  • 2 - Right Coxa
  • 2 - Left Tibia
  • 2 - Right Tibia
  • 4 - Femur
  • 8 - Holds


We provide only 3D parts in this set. 


Quadruped Spider Robot DIY Kit 3D Printed Parts Best Quality

SKU: 1021
₹599.00 Regular Price
₹419.00Sale Price
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  •  Country Of Origin : India

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