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Its 5mm to 8 mm Shaft Flexible Coupling coupler. You can add 775 or 795 on 5 mm side. On 8 mm side you can connect any shaft of 8 mm. Very good qualily connector. The coupling size 5 mm to 8 mm.

Its good quality with coloured one. Non rusting one. We provide the L key Also.

Due to the Helical cut, In the linear axes of X, Y, and Z, they act like springs, but not in the rotational axis. As a result, there would be no additional backlash, making them ideal for precision CNC work.

High Durability and Corrosion Resistance
Long-lasting output from a single piece of construction
Constant velocity due to low moment of inertia

flexible coupling has an outer diameter of 19mm and a length of 25mm.


Package Include--

1. 5mm to 8 mm Coupler

2. L key

Aluminum Flexible Coupling Coupler 5mm x 8mm Shaft Jointer with L Key L Key

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  •  Country Of Origin : India

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