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Its 775/795 motor Grass Cutting Coupler with Blades Set. We generally use normal wood cutting blade in grass cutting but efficiency of that is too low. Here we invet a new coupler with HSS blades to cut grass very easily. Material Type is PLA with 100% infill. This Coupler is compatibe with D shaft 775 motor and thght fit. If you do't have a D shaft motor then you need to grind the shaft to make it D shape.

Its highly recommend to seal the motor shaft with coupler using feviquick or araldite gum.

RS 12volt 775 Motor Grass Cutter Coupler & Blades Accessories

SKU: 775 Grass cutting Coupler& blade
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  • Package Include -

    1 x Coupler ( Diameter - 50 mm)

    10 X Cutting Blades set

    4 x nut bolt and washer set

    if you select motor then we provide D shaft 775 bearing motor

  •  Country Of Origin : India

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