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One Gear and One Pinion in this set.

Pinion Inner Dia - 5 mm

Gear Inner Dia - 13mm

Gear outer dia - 63mn

Pinion outer Dia - 24

Gear Ratio- 3.0 aprox

Gears Material Type - PLA Infill 100%

You can use this gear set to reduce or increase the speed. Accordingly in same wait decrease or increase the Speed.

Spur Gear Set 1 Pair, high Power Gear Transmission

SKU: 1058
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  • Inner Hole Dia - 6 mm

    Thigh Screw provided.

    Can attach with any gear motor. also with 5 mm motor like 775,795 etc. 

    12 mm thickness gear solid one with hard plastic material. Gear teeth are heavy and would not worn out in long run.

    Package Include- 

    1 x Gear set

  •  Country Of Origin : India

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